Stuck in the mud: Fine & Country powered through the Nuclear Blast

Stuck in the mud: Fine & Country powered through the Nuclear Blast

Some people like to spend their Saturdays relaxing, seeing friends, doing their hobbies. Other people prefer to jump, swim and heave themselves through a pile of mud. 

Our London team consisted of nine members from our Fine & Country Fulham and Fine & Country Interior Design offices. The group travelled to the Nuclear Races event site in Brentwood, Essex on Saturday 9th September. They struggled through thick mud and numerous obstacles on the 5km course, which was on the site of a former World War II nuclear shelter which has been transformed into an extraordinary event location. 

Tracey Delforce, Administrator at Fine & Country Fulham said, “It was a surreal experience; there was so much mud and we all had to help each other out when we frequently got stuck. Every time I moved I sunk further into the mud so my teammates grabbed my arms and heaved me out of the pools of thick mud.

“There were a number of obstacles throughout the course to make the day even more exhausting. My favourite one involved a huge climb and you couldn’t see what was on the other side. As I approached the top I saw a huge slide and at the bottom was a mud river. Thankfully, I could swim through this without getting stuck!”

Olivia Oppe, from Fine & Country Interior Design said, "I was drenched in mud from head to toe!"

Stephanie Davies, from Fine & Country Fulham, managed to lose her shoe half way through the race and was forced to dive back into thick mud to retrieve it.

Stephanie said, “I’m so happy that I have done it, but it was so tiring. We all couldn’t move the next day after wading for hours through knee-height mud.”

We are delighted to announce that the team raised £1,385.47 for Centrepoint, the largest youth homelessness charity within the End Youth Homelessness (EYH) campaign. EYH is the national partner of The Fine & Country Foundation. 

We will be putting our donation towards EYH’s Safe Nights Fund. It costs just £25 to provide a homeless young person with a safe night’s sleep for one night. With this, they can receive full mental and physical health checks, employment advice, round-the-clock care and are put into the system to ensure that they are not forgotten about. 

At The Fine & Country Foundation we are proud to be partnered with End Youth Homelessness and its member charities. We ensure that we always know which projects we are supporting and that 100% of donations made to us go to homeless charities. For more information about the work of The Fine & Country Foundation, or to enquire about whether your charity is eligible for support, please contact or call us on +44(0)20 3368 8221. 


3rd Oct 2017

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