Meet the families supported by our May trek to Nepal

Meet the families supported by our May trek to Nepal

Each of our May trekkers has been assigned a house and a family to raise funds for, so the Nepalese villagers can move out of their shacks and temporary accommodation and into brand new, safe houses.

In a month’s time, the expedition group will hike to Thangpalkot1, a beautiful hillside village and meet the residents. The trek will take three days from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, to Thangpalkot1, across surreal landscapes and rarely seen areas of forgotten earthquake-hit villages. Find out more about the trek here. 

We have some incredible short videos to share of the residents so you can see who we are helping and hear their stories. All videos are filmed and narrated by Village Coordinator Renzen Bozman. Please click on the subheading for each family to provide a donation. Help us reach £1,800 per family to fund the building supplies by clicking here.


House 48, Cool Bhadur - trekker Amanda Mangan, Fine & Country Canary Wharf
Cool and his six family members lived in a beautiful three-story house, until the earthquake struck three years ago, destroying the first and second floors of the property. Thankfully, Cool and his family escaped without injury. Cool is living in the remaining ground floor with his family, but the house has severer structural damage which you can see in the video clip below. Cool’s wife and son are working in agriculture, while he specialises in construction.


House 49, Phurba Tamang – trekker Paul Kirby, Fine & Country Canary Wharf
Phurba lives with his wife and two babies in their temporary shack. He volunteered his time to help rebuild numerous houses in the village. After three monsoons and bitter winters, Phurba and his family will receive the support they deserve. 


House 50, Arjun Tamang – trekker Gemma Manning, Fine & Country North Lincolnshire
Arjun lives with his wife and two adorable children in the shack they constructed three years ago. Arjun has appeared in plenty of videos and photos already because of he helped to construct his neighbours’ houses. With your help, we can provide the building materials for his home. 


House 51, Maili Tamang – trekker Charlotte Schofield, Foundation Co-ordinator
Our charity co-ordinator is supporting Maili Tamang, an 80 year old widow. She has spent days crushing rocks to make hardcore for levelling the land and travelling two hours to the river and back to bring bags and bags of sand in preparation for her building materials. After weeks of preparation, she is ready for her building materials. She has managed by herself for three years, and now it is her turn to get help. Please help us reach £1,800 to help her.


House 52, Petta Tamang – trekker Hollie Gregory, Fine & Country Canary Wharf
Petta is 78-year-old housewife. She collects sand to provide her home with bulk and strength and rears goats for milk and food. Her temporary shack is full of holes and gaps and it is dark and restricting. Petta is in need of a new safe house to live in. The foundations of her new house are ready, so we need your help to reach £1,800 for the building supplies.


Fun fact: Nepal has a social system similar to a caste system in place, so the word Tamang that you see on the villagers’ names is not their surname, but their caste name. 

Would you like to take part in our next adventure to Nepal this autumn? Contact us at or call +44(0)20 3368 8221 for more information.

16th May 2018

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