Fine & Country Rugby sleep rough for local homeless charity

Fine & Country Rugby sleep rough for local homeless charity

Fine & Country Rugby prepare for a restless night on Friday 20th April as they sleep rough for homelessness. Volunteers will gather in Newbold Road car park to support Rugby’s beloved homeless charity, Hope4. Do you want to take part? Contact us today

Claire Heritage and Sam Funnell from Fine & Country Rugby are getting ready for a cold, wet and windy night to raise money for homelessness. Plenty of layers, waterproof coats and lots of tea will hopefully help all the volunteers to have an enjoyable and restful night.

Games, music and dinner will create a fantastic atmosphere, as it has in previous years. The shelter-building competition is a highlight of the events, with more creative and unique ideas every year. 

Claire Heritage from Fine & Country Rugby said: “This will be the first time Sam and I have taken part in a Sleep Out. Sean Newman, Director of Fine & Country Rugby and Trustee of The Fine & Country Foundation, has been involved in a multiple Sleep Outs before. He has inspired us to get involved and raise more awareness for this wonderful charity, Hope4. We only had a very brief insight as to what it is like to be sleeping on the streets, we will do all we can to help.”

Last year, the Fine & Country team raised more than £1,000. Support the team and help the most vulnerable in Rugby by donating here.

Hope4 receives ongoing support from The Fine & Country Foundation. Read more about their amazing work with the local homeless community in Rugby here.

Here are some of our favourite moments from last year’s Sleep Out…


12th Mar 2018

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Registered charity number: 1160989