Come fly with me: Skydiving success

Come fly with me: Skydiving success

On Sunday 13th August, five members of Fine & Country took to the skies and leapt out of a plane for charity. 

The skydiving day was an incredible success, with all five members jumping in perfect weather conditions from 13,000 ft. The bright and sunny day was accompanied by a small breeze and light clouds. They had 40 seconds of freefall before the canopy was opened and spend the next five minutes gliding to the ground.

We are thrilled to announce that so far the team have raised £2,240 and counting.

There is still time to sponsor our thrill seekers:

Chris Mobbs
Gemma Powell
Gerard Smith
Justyn Medd
Mark Brown

The donations from the event will go into The Fine & Country Foundation grant pot. Twice a year, beginning in October 2017 homeless charities, poverty prevention schemes and housing associations will have the opportunity to apply for grants from us. More information regarding our grant scheme will be provided soon.

Chris Mobbs, Associate at Fine & Country Banbury said, “When I heard about the chance to join five equally stupid colleagues, my hand went straight up. It was genuinely breathtaking, and I want to thank local companies, my family and friends who helped me exceed my fundraising target.”

Gemma Powell, Interactive Executive at the Fine & Country Studio said, “I am struggling to put it into words. It was both terrifying and incredible. The clouds surrounding the plane made me realise how high up we were, but this didn’t stop the freefall going past in a flash, but this may have been because I had my eyes closed the whole time. When the canopy was open my instructor let me take control which was probably the best part of the experience for me.”

Not all the skydivers were jumping for the first time, Justyn Medd, Procurement Manager at the Fine & Country Studio is a veteran skydiver. Mark Brown, Associate at Fine & Country Coventry jumped for the first time in 15 years. 

Justyn said, “I was nervous before jumping into the void, but the instructors were all so helpful and encouraging. A perfect way to help the Foundation, and I’d do it again tomorrow. Thank you to all those who sponsored me!”

Mark compared his previous experience with his recent jump, “I absolutely loved it and now have the urge to have another go at 15,000 ft with my wife. The most exhilarating part was the initial jump out of the plane which goes against all of your instincts. I enjoyed it a lot more than my first time.”

Mark (left) and Gemma (right) flying through the air.

We host a number of events and fundraisers throughout the year across the UK. For more information about The Fine & Country Foundation, future events or applying for funding, please contact us at or call +44(0)20 3368 8221. 

Chris (left), Justyn (centre) and Mark (right) catching their breath. 

11th Aug 2017

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