Meet Clint Nykamp: Our 12 marathons runner

Meet Clint Nykamp: Our 12 marathons runner

Clint Nykamp, from Fine & Country West Midlands, will join Emma Preston from GPEA for a year of marathons. The pair will begin their challenge in April 2018 with the Brighton Marathon and continue running a marathon a month for 12 months. 

So, who is this crazy man that is taking on this mammoth challenge?

1. What have you done for the Foundation so far?

The most recent adventure was the trek to Everest Base Camp for our international project in Nepal. It was incredibly mentally and physically draining, but I loved the challenge.

2. Why are you taking on the 12 marathons challenge?

Having completed Everest Base Camp, I am ready for my next mission. It was so rewarding to have reached our destination, but the most powerful part of the trip was knowing that I was helping to rebuild houses and make a massive difference to an incredible community.

3. How is your training going?

I have filmed a video of one of my runs and will post more updates. Check out my first video here…

4. Do you have any injuries?

I have bad knees from my time in the army. We have a fantastic specialised running shop nearby in Solihull who make customised trainers. They made me run on a treadmill to look at how my feet land and they have created customised running shoes just for me. Your shoes are the most important part of our equipment and the key to success when running so I’m so grateful that I have these shoes.

5. Have you changed your diet for the challenge?

You burn so many calories by training five times a week and running long distances. I don’t mind losing the fat, but I’m conscious of losing my muscle weight so taking measures to prevent this. I’m consuming much more protein via protein shakes to prevent muscle wastage and fat loss. I have increased my water intake from two to four litres per day. I have been using essential oils , for example the lemon drops to cleanse my water. The essential oils are really useful for my muscles to prevent cramp and sooth them, especially after my longer training runs. I know I should give up beer, but I don’t want to!

6. What is your training schedule like?

I train five times a week. Three of these runs are between six and 10 miles. The other two are the longer runs which are now over 10 miles. I am slowly building up the distance and should be ready in time for the first marathon in Brighton in April. 

Support Clint’s marathons challenge by donating here and helping us to fight the causes of homelessness.

Do you want to know more about the 12 marathons challenge? Come and join us in the race or cheering from the sidelines. Find the marathons locations here.

16th Mar 2018

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