Ed's Pledge: 100km in January

Ed's Pledge: 100km in January

When Edward Taylor, Associate Partner at Fine & Country Marlborough and Devizes, read about Sanjay Gandhi undertaking the challenge to walk 100km throughout the month of November last year, he was inspired to replicate the feat himself.

Armed with the Strava app, a good pair of running shoes and an original target of £250, Ed embarked on his challenge to run 100km throughout January 2022.

"Sometimes it was difficult to fit in the time to run with work and a busy young family, especially when it was pitch black and pretty cold. I did also pick up a bit of an injury in week two which meant I got rather behind schedule as it needed time to heal, so I ended up running over 35km in the last four days of the month!"

His commitment was worth it in the end, as he exceeded his target amount by raising a fantastic £550 in donations from generous friends, family and colleagues. When asked why he chose to support The Foundation, Ed said; "I am fortunate to have a roof over my head and not to have to worry about whether I or my children are going to be able to eat today or not, the amazing fundraising by The Fine & Country Foundation helps those who cannot say the same."


Edward Taylor Runs 100km for Charity


Ed's philanthropy does not end there; in October of 2021, Fine & Country Marlborough and Devizes nominated a local charity to recieve a grant of £1,500 - The Amber Foundation, in Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey, support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in transforming their own lives by helping them move out of homelessness and unemployment into bright secure futures. The charity was nominated by Fine & Country Marlborough and Devizes to be able to assist them in offering their ongoing support through teaching practical life skills, providing creative projects involving art, crafts, music, film and drama and assisting people out of employment and getting back into work. Ed plans to visit the charity in early 2022 to see how his donation has supported the charity so far and learn how he can continue to help.

Ed harnessed the power of social media as one of his methods to spread the word about his cause, "The videos on social media seemed to get the most traction with donations, which was great. Also giving my friends a healthy dig in the ribs whenever I saw them!"

If you would like to donate to Edward Taylor's charity 100km, head to his JustGiving page.

We are immensely proud of all of our Fine & Country agents to continue to selflessly give to The Foundation. If you would like to organise a fundraiser in your local area or want to connect with a local homelessness organisation to see how you can be of help, contact us at foundation@fineandcountry.com.


10th Feb 2022

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