Triple A Campaign (Part 1): Meet Sean

Triple A Campaign (Part 1): Meet Sean

We are delighted to announce that Sean, mid-30s, has chosen to take part in our Triple A Campaign to help us raise awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness. In our first video, filmed in February 2018, Sean explains his childhood and background. Sean grew up in the care system in Ireland during the 1980s. Once he turned 18 years old, Sean spent nearly two decades living on the streets, on and off. 

We pick up his story just a week after he has moved into his temporary flat and awaits his first council flat…

Throughout the year, Sean will help us change perceptions of the causes and struggles of homelessness:

Attitude toward the causes of homeless

Adversity in getting someone off the streets permanently

Actions you can take in the short-term and the long-term

Together, this creates the Triple A Campaign. We will provide an eye-opening insight into the life of Sean to help you understand more about the homelessness crisis that the UK is facing.

Our relationship with The Passage

In August 2017, rock-band The Muse held a concert in aid of The Passage. The Fine & Country Foundation auctioned two tickets, with a meet-and-greet with the band. The auction was a huge success and raised £1,773 for the charity. Read the full story here

9th Mar 2018

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