Triple A Campaign (Part 2): Life on the Streets

Triple A Campaign (Part 2): Life on the Streets

We are exploring the attitudes of the public towards homelessness. In Part 2 of our campaign, Sean shares some his experiences from the 18 years he spent living on the streets. Spitting, kicking and verbal abuse are just the start.

The Triple A Campaign has three focal points: Attitude, Awareness and Action. Each are vital to end the causes of homelessness.

Last time, we met Sean from The Passage in Victoria, London. We pick up his story days after he moved into temporary accommodation, before he takes the next step to an independent flat. To watch the full video, click here.

In Part 2’s video, Sean talks about his experiences of the living on the streets… 

Why is this important?

Attitude: There are a multitude of reasons why people become homeless. It is often a downward spiral that quickly becomes out of control.

Awareness: Give someone the respect and acknowledgement that you would want if you were in their position. Next time you see someone on the streets, take a moment to think about how cold, hungry and uncomfortable they must be. A simple conversation instead of a snap judgement can make all the difference in the world.

Action: It takes seconds to let the authorities know that there is someone vulnerable living on the streets. It is important that local shelters and charities become aware of every homeless person so that they can be looked after and supported to get out of homelessness for good:

Find the number of your local homeless charity or shelter and give them a call with the location of the homeless person, gender, rough age, condition of their sleeping bag and clothing (especially when the weather is cold or wet). Not sure of your local charity or shelter? Contact us today.

Download the app ‘StreetLink’ to report anyone in the UK who is homeless and the local authority or outreach services will visit the person.

Want to help us change perceptions towards homelessness? Donate here to help us fund workshops, educational support and more vital services. Click here to donate.

9th Apr 2018

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