The Fine & Country Foundation reaches £100,000 milestone

The Fine & Country Foundation reaches £100,000 milestone

While just over halfway through the year, the Fine & Country Foundation has hit our goal of giving away £100,000 during 2022 to charities across the UK and abroad in our mission to help those afflicted by homelessness and poverty. A huge thank you to our network of agents and of course, to the public for helping us reach the milestone through many generous donations.

Every year, The Foundation runs two grant schemes, one in spring and the other in autumn. During this year’s Spring Grant Scheme, grants were awarded to 16 charities globally, bringing the total to over £87,000. Since then, donations have been given to charities which many of the Fine & Country give to quarterly, and another contribution has been made to the Disasters Emergency Committee to assist those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Jon Cooke, Trustee of the Fine & Country Foundation, says: “We are very proud that we have been able to hit the £100,000 milestone this year. The donations and grants that The Foundation give play a part in providing essential financial support to many non-profit organisations fighting against homelessness and poverty. Many of these organisations rely on donations to survive, and money they receive helps them to continue the vital work they are doing within their communities.” 

He adds that The Foundation would not have been able to achieve the milestone without the Fine & Country network. “While The Foundation organises fundraising events throughout the year, many of the agents within the network take it upon themselves to get creative and do a host of activities to raise money. So far, this year we have had agents take on Tough Mudders, throw themselves out of planes, cycle across the country, run marathons and take part in the Around the World in 80 Days Challenge. Without the amazing effort and support of the network and generosity of the public who donated money to their fundraising activities, The Foundation would not have been able to achieve this milestone,” says Cooke.

The Foundation will continue to raise money to be able to build up the funding pot for the upcoming Autumn Grant Scheme.  “The more money The Foundation is able to raise, the more charities we will be able to support through our next grant scheme, and the more lives we will be able to impact,” Cooke concludes.

2nd Aug 2022

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