Over £41,000 awarded to 27 projects in the Spring Grant Programme

Over £41,000 awarded to 27 projects in the Spring Grant Programme

Amidst the blossoming of spring, the Fine & Country Foundation is pleased to announce the 26 charities which will be allocated funding across 27 projects in its most recent round of grants, totalling £41,147.

With an inspiring presentation from Bel Burnell Molyneux at The Fine & Country Conference, reiterating the importance of the network’s continued support over the coming 12 months, and beyond, we hope to keep up the momentum of generous donations throughout 2024. The Foundation has raised over £950,000 in the past decade and as we celebrate our anniversary this September, we are aiming to break the £1 million threshold!

The Foundation's Grant Programme is dedicated to offering financial assistance to non-profit organisations, focusing specifically on supporting charities in the ongoing battle against homelessness and poverty in the UK and abroad. Grants are distributed biannually, in Spring and Autumn, with Fine & Country offices worldwide encouraged to submit applications, nominating a charity for a donation of up to £3,000. The Foundation board carefully reviews these proposals, and successful projects are awarded grants. This funding will provide crucial support to these charities, enabling them to sustain their vital community work. 

The Foundation welcomes continued support from the public to sustain its mission of providing vital funding to charities in need. For more information about The Fine & Country Foundation or to nominate a local charity, individuals are encouraged to contact their local Fine & Country office or donate to The Foundation here. 


Below is a list of charities that received a grant during the 2024 Spring Programme.  


Milton Keynes YMCA
Nominated by Fine & Country Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire 

YMCA Milton Keynes supports young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and helps them to turn their lives around. This grant will fund the repurpose of a nursery into 10 additional rooms for young people. 


HCT - Helping Caring Team
Nominated by Fine & Country Cardiff 

Helping Caring Team (HCT) is a registered charity based in Blackwood which supports the vulnerable and homeless in Southeast Wales. This grant will fund hot and cold meals for those in need from April until July this year.  


Emmaus Coventry & Warwickshire
Nominated by Fine & Country Coventry  

A charity which houses 17 formerly homeless people within the community and runs a furniture shop in which these people work. This grant will help fund the replacement of their van which they use to run this enterprise.  


The Amber Foundation
Nominated by Fine & Country Dorking and Cranleigh 

The Amber Foundation provides a temporary home and 24/7 support for young people to help them transform their lives for good. This grant will fund meals for these young people over the coming months.  


New Beginnings Reading
Nominated by Fine & Country Reading 

A charity which provides meals and a welcoming environment for people facing homelessness or hardship.  Delivering three services each week: All Day Café, Community Fridge (a food bank), and a weekly hot meal service, this grant will help to fund hot meals for 50 homeless people each week.  



Nuneaton Foodbank
Nominated by Fine & Country Coventry 

Operating as part of the Trussell Trust Foodbank, Nuneaton Foodbank aims to prevent and relieve poverty in Nuneaton and surrounding areas by providing emergency food supplies to those in need. This grant helps to fund the difference in the food donated and the food required to provide meals for those in need. 


Off the Fence
Nominated by Fine & Country Brighton and Hove  

A charity which provides wrap-around support to the most vulnerable, marginalised communities across Brighton and Hove. This grant will support the essential provisions which aid employability such as practical and psychological support, an address for post, haircuts, access to computers, hygiene facilities and medical appointments.  


The Clock Tower Sanctuary
Nominated by Fine & Country Brighton and Hove 

A charity which provides a stable space with food, showers, computers and a crisis fund for young people to feel safe and receive the practical and emotional support they need. This funding will go towards providing hot meals for young people in need.  


Love Malborough Kids Meals
Nominated by Fine & Country Marlborough, Devizes and Newbury 

A charity which provides free meals for children in the local area, this grant will fund meals for up to 150 of those in need for three months.  

YMCA East Surrey
Nominated by Fine & Country Reigate & East Grinstead 

A charity which provides children and young people with supportive housing, this grant will contribute towards furnishing their new residence which will house six young people in need.  


Renewed Hope
Nominated by Fine & Country Reigate & East Grinstead 

A volunteer-led charity based in Redhill that offers meals and a safe space to sleep for the vulnerable. This grant will help to fund the storage of mattresses and purchase of sleeping bags for their night shelters.  


Nominated by Fine & Country Wimbledon, Battersea and Clapham 

StreetVet provides free accessible veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness. This funding would help to securely store the medical kits, toys, blankets and beds that the vets and vet nurses take with them for outreach in London.  



The Wimbledon Guild of Social Welfare
Nominated by Fine & Country Wimbledon, Battersea and Clapham 

This charity runs a Home Starter Scheme for vulnerable and at-risk households and individuals. This grant would help to provide essentials for their new safe home such as bedding, clothes, furniture and kitchen starter packs.  


Nominated by Fine & Country Uckfield and Fine & Country West Malling 

The inventor and manufacturer of Sleep Pods, designed to protect the homeless from the elements when sleeping outside. This grant will fund the manufacturing and supply of 75 Sleep Pods for 2024.  


Emmaus Oxford
Nominated by Fine & Country Oxford 

Emmaus Oxford offers a safe place to live and work, providing holistic support to help people out of homelessness for good. This grant will help to refurbish their new property to create 10 ‘move on’ spaces for those who have experienced homelessness.  


OCC Edge Housing
Nominated by Fine & Country Oxford 

Providing accommodation for vulnerable people, the Edge Housing Welcome Home Project refurbishes properties to make them into safe and welcoming homes for those in need, which this grant will contribute towards.  


Reaching The Unreached
Nominated by Fine & Country Winchester 

A far-reaching grassroots organisation supporting the most disadvantaged in Tamil Nadu, South India by providing orphaned and disadvantaged children with loving family homes, access to education and medical care. The funding from this grant will help to support three children in need for a year.  


Path Torbay
Nominated by Fine & Country South Devon 

Running the largest foodbank in the area, Path Torbay provides support and assistance to homeless and vulnerable people in Torbay. This grant will help to fund the provision of food parcels for those in need.  



Crisis Skylight Newcastle
Nominated by Fine & Country Newcastle and Northumberland 

Offering education, training and housing advice for those experiencing homelessness, this grant will fund the amenities needed in the housing provided to make their house a home.  


Better Life Foundation
Nominated by Fine & Country South Africa 

Better Life Foundation provides support for qualifying disadvantaged South Africans who live on plots formally owned by government, to receive title deeds to that property. This is managed by project managers and conveyancers which this grant will help to fund.


Street Paws
Nominated by Fine & Country Leeds 

Street Paws is committed to keeping pets and their owners together, working with shelters and temporary accommodation providers to adopt pet-friendly policies and practices to become inclusive to all. This grant would fund resources to enable hostels to become pet friendly and reduce the barriers to accessing safe shelter. 


The Four Streets Project
Nominated by Fine & Country Chichester 

A completely volunteer-led charity which provides evening meals and other essentials to the vulnerable in the local community. This grant would fund the food required to provide these meals as well as vital survival equipment (waterproof boots, jackets, sleeping bags etc). 


Beacon House Ministries
Nominated by Fine & Country Colchester 

Offering a holistic approach, this charity offers food, temporary accommodation, medical care, education and support. This grant will help to fund their most recent project which aims to keep guests busy and active through sports and activities and thus prevent the development of anti-social behaviors. 


Project For All
Nominated by Fine & Country Costa Blanca North 

A charity in Costa Blanca that provides food, essentials, support and care with the goal of reducing the effects of homelessness in the region. This grant will contribute towards providing nutritious meals and a safe place to sleep for those in need.  


The Welcome Centre
Nominated by Fine & Country Huddersfield 

The largest independent food bank, supporting up to 1,400 people each month, provides seven-day food packs, toiletries, pet food, bedding and home starter packs for those most vulnerable in the area. This grant will help to fund their monthly costs to provide food for those in need.  


Homeless in Teinbridge
Nominated by Fine & Country South Devon

Homeless in Teignbridge Support works with homeless people and those in crisis and need in their community, throughout Teignbridge and in the more rural areas.


The Fine & Country Foundation will hold their next round of grants from the 1st October 2024

If you would like to donate in the mean time, you can do so here

25th Apr 2024

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