Sanjay Raises Over £6,000 During Lockdown for The Foundation

Sanjay Raises Over £6,000 During Lockdown for The Foundation

After testing positive with COVID-19, being bedridden for almost a month and getting admitted to hospital twice, Sanjay Gandhi set out a personal challenge and fundraiser to walk 500km during lockdown, while many other vital fundraisers had been cancelled. After only two weeks, Sanjay exceeded his initial goal of raising £1,000 and on reaching the finish line he had raised a total of £6,050 for the Fine & Country Foundation, which will go towards supporting poverty and homeless charities around the world.


Working in the premium property industry at Fine & Country York, in a city where homelessness is a prevalent issue, Sanjay felt a duty to help those less fortunate and in the space of a few months has raised the highest figure ever donated to the Fine & Country Foundation. Discover more about Sanjay's inspiration for his challenge.


Sanjay raises over £6,000 for The Fine & Country Foundation


It is with great thanks to the efforts of people, such as Sanjay, that the Foundation is able to run the Spring Grant Programme this year, providing donations to charities helping those experiencing poverty and homelessness around the world. During lockdowns and with the restrictions of Covid-19, finding new ways to continue to host fundraisers, such as this one, have been tremendously important to continue to support people suffering from poverty and homelessness. The invaluable donations through the Foundation’s 2021 Spring Grant Programme will contribute to the purchase of PPE, medical supplies, food, clothing, sleeping bags, accommodation and other essential supplies that most people are fortunate enough to take for granted. We hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone.

Learn more about the Foundation's Grant Programme.


More lockdown fundraisers

Primrose Hill Everest Expedition Trek


Cancellations of the usual fundraisers, such as cake sales, coffee mornings, marathons and events mean charities need the help of fundraisers now more than ever. On Saturday 19th December 2020, Luke McCarthy, Director of Fine & Country St Johns Wood, also demonstrated a creative way we can continue to fundraise during COVID-19, by climbing the distance of Everest locally, in his Primrose Hill Charity Trek, raising £670 for The Foundation.


It is inspiring to see the many ways our communities are creating fundraisers to continue to support those in need. Whether you want to do a walking challenge, like Luke and Sanjay, a running challenge, like Rachel Slade, collecting food bank donations, like Marie Fritz, or another personal challenge your friends


Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our ideas and tips for fundraising remotely.


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4th Feb 2021

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