Sanjay's 500km Challenge for The Fine & Country Foundation

Sanjay's 500km Challenge for The Fine & Country Foundation

Sanjay Gandhi has held the license for Fine & Country York for 18 months and in that time has done an outstanding amount of fundraising for a variety of causes – from support of Meningitis to Cleft Palate treatment. Since the world went into lockdown, Sanjay has been on a personal journey which has led him to this particular challenge of walking 500km. 


After contracting Coronavirus in March, being bed-ridden for almost the entire month and ending up in hospital care twice, things were put into perspective for Sanjay and he became determined to recover physically as well as mentally. 


Starting out by walking a small distance each day, he was soon at the 600km mark and decided that this personal challenge could also benefit those less fortunate. As of 14th September, Sanjay started his mission in walking 500km with the aim of completing this in roughly three months. Two weeks in and Sanjay’s £1,000 target has already been surpassed, with astounding support from his colleagues and friends across the world. 


"Fine & Country has taken up the mantel and said We're going to do this!"


Homelessness is a cause that has always been close to Sanjay’s heart, with his family all working in areas of the property industry, they have an awareness that whilst working with some of the country’s most premium properties, they have a responsibility to help those in vulnerable situations or no housing what so ever. With homelessness a prevalent issue in the local area, Fine & Country York has nominated the charity SASH twice through the Grant Programme and been successful twice in securing funding. These continued efforts to support the homeless and vulnerable community within York are commendable, but also should be the standard expectation, not an example of ‘going beyond’. 


"If I can inspire others, whether it's 1km or 100km we're doing our bit"


Although fundraising has been impeded since the outbreak of Coronavirus; charities are in need now more than ever. It is each of our responsibilities to give something back– however simple or adventurous the means – and know that you have done your bit. 

Support Sanjay in his challenge and donate here.


Read our blog on tips and ideas for fundraising remotely.

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28th Sep 2020

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