A Further 100km for Homelessness

A Further 100km for Homelessness

Back in winter of 2020, Sanjay Gandhi, Director of Fine & Country York walked 500km in aid of The Fine & Country Foundation. Last year, completing his challenge on Christmas Eve and raising over £6,000 for the cause, Sanjay is back in 2021 to up the ante.

This November, Sanjay will be undertaking the challenge to walk 100km throughout the month. His love of walking was born after his own battle with Coronavirus in 2020 when his personal health took a serious turn and he decided it was time for things to change for good. Although Sanjay is leading this fundraiser himself, he is also encouraging any other agents who wish to join him, in completing their own 100km during November. Whether they take on the distance on foot, bike or boat, this is an opportunity for the Fine & Country network to raise some meaningful funding in the run-up to the Christmas period. 

It is predicted that more than 200,000 families and individuals in England will be experiencing homelessness this Christmas, exacerbated by the financial pressures of the pandemic. Fundraisers like these are crucial to supporting the disadvantaged in our communities and We look forward to updating you with Sanjay’s progress in the coming months.

Homelessness is a cause which is very close to Sanjay’s heart – having worked in the premium property industry in York for a number of years, he has actively taken it upon himself to help those who live in vulnerable conditions. Fine & Country York have successfully nominated SASH in the Grant Programme over the past three years. SASH work across York, North and East Yorkshire, supporting young people aged between 16 and 25 to end the cycle of unemployment and benefit dependence, ultimately escaping homelessness for good. 

If you would like to organise a fundraiser in your local area or want to connect with a local homelessness organisation to see how you can be of help, contact us at foundation@fineandcountry.com.


21st Oct 2021

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