Get more from your event

Get more from your event

Matched funding

Some companies offer to donate an amount of money for your fundraising efforts, whether by matching the amount you have raised or by giving a fixed amount. If you are organising your own event, ask your company if they would consider matched funding (alternatively don't forget to contact your local Fine & Country office).

Gift Aid

For every £1 you raise, we can claim an extra 25p back from the government.

Although the extra money isn't included in fundraising totals, it is still used to support homeless charities. So don't forget to tick the box to add Gift Aid – you just have to be UK taxpayers. Click here to find out more about Gift Aid.

Corporate support

Even if you company doesn't consider matched funding, you can still ask help from your co-workers. Don't forget to tell them about your event and ask them to share your fundraising page with friends and family on their social media channels. You can also contact local businesses to ask them for sponsorship.

8th Jan 2016

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