Trekking Tips from the Peaky Blinders

Trekking Tips from the Peaky Blinders

Fancy doing something for charity but you’re feeling the effects of the Easter chocolate binge? Then a trek will suit you perfectly!

The Peaky Blinders are taking part in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge to raise money for the Fine & Country Foundation to fight homelessness. Their challenge is to complete a 12 hour trek in just 10 hours. 

We spoke to some of the team to find out what they have learnt so far from their training…


No trek is complete without some tasty snacks that are high in energy and most importantly, yummy!

- Energy bars

- Fruit – fresh and dried

- Pretzels

- Chocolate – beware hot weather! You don’t want melted chocolate in       your bag

- Sweets

Proper Kit

- Waterproof coats are an essential if you are walking in Britain.

- Walking boots need to be worn in. It is best to do this with a series of short walks so that they are truly comfortable on your big hike. 

- Walking socks are an underrated piece of clothing. A thin pair with a thick pair over the top will stop them slipping and help prevent against sore feet.

Leisurely Strolls

The simplest way to train for a hike is to go for a walk. Bring friends, family or dogs along with you and see how far you can go in a day. 

Walking games

After walking along for a number of hours the most common side effect is boredom. Here are a few simple games you can play whilst you are walking along:

- One word – you all take turns to say one word at a time and create a story; warning, weird tales likely

- Eye spy – a classic and reliable game

- Singing – from campsite classics to Taylor Swift, anything works and it is a real mood-lifter


The number one issue with any activity is dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of water and fill up wherever possible. If there is no fresh drinking water around either boil it or use chlorine tablets. 

Want to know more?

Foods to bring

Clean water


The Peaky Blinders

10 hour trek across the Yorkshire 3 Peaks to raise money for the Fine & Country Foundation to fight homelessness.

If you would like to support our team then click here to donate.

4th May 2017

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