Top tips to create the best fundraising events

Top tips to create the best fundraising events

Do you have a fundraising event in mind that isn’t on our growing events calendar? Ask us for help or read our top tips to create a fantastic and successful fundraiser. 


1. No idea is a bad idea
If you believe that your event is likely to catch the public’s attention to raise awareness of your charity, then give it a go. It could be simple, crazy or adventurous.

2. Preparation
Once you have decided on your fundraiser, you need to decide on all the preparation:

Date – when is convenient? Do you need to work around school holidays?

Timings – is it for a few hours, all-day, more than one day?

Location – is it accessible? Do you need visas, flights, accommodation or to book a venue?

Audience – is your event aimed towards children, families or adults?

Which charity do you want to support? – At The Fine & Country Foundation, we explain where your donations go or contact your chosen homeless charity to request details on the projects that you are funding. 

This is an effective tool to gain more donations and support for your fundraiser because it shows the public the impact their contributions. It also demonstrates your interest in resolving homelessness.

Food – Allergies and intolerances should be taken into consideration. Some venues require confirmation of guests and meal options around five days before the event. Please note, that each venue will have its own contract which you must read carefully. Pay special attention to minimum numbers, equipment included, deposits and deadlines.

Fundraising pageJust Giving and Virgin Money Giving are popular choices as they are easy to use and you can securely donate money.

Marketing materials – we can design and print bespoke materials for your event. We also have zip stands and brochures for you to provide at your event.

Promotion – we can write press releases, post social media announcements and include your story in our online and printed marketing materials. Engage with your local Fine & Country office, they will be happy to help canvass your local area to drum up support for your fundraiser.

On the day – do you require any equipment or licences for your event? Arrive early and remember to have fun!

3. Guest lists/ attendees
This is relevant to larger events or fundraisers with ticketing systems, for example dinners or summer parties. Make sure you have a system in place to log all the guests, largely for health and safety, but also so you can keep track of the attendees so you don’t overbook. If you are selling pre-booked tickets, make a list of all the names and tick them off as guests arrive.

Remember: If you are serving alcohol at your event, you must ensure that anyone who looks under the age of 25 has had their ID checked. The minimum drinking age in the UK is 18. 


4. Just ask!
No one will donate to your event if they don’t know what you are doing. Explain your event or challenge, where your donations are going and how much they would like to donate. Send emails to friends, family and colleagues to remind them to donate.

For example: “I am leaping out a plane for my first ever skydiving experience to support The Fine & Country Foundation. If I raise £1,800, I can build a new house in Nepal. Would you like to donate to my cause?”

5. Update your fundraising page
This is great to keep the momentum flowing before your event takes place. If you are holding a challenge, post photos of your training and new equipment. Share these on social media to your family and friends.

6. Match funding
Ask your company if they will donate to your fundraising efforts, either by matching the amount you have raised or by giving a fixed amount. Don’t forget, you can contact your local Fine & Country office, too. Find your nearest office here

7. Gift Aid
For every £1 you raise, we can claim an extra 25p back from the government. The additional money isn't included in fundraising totals, but it is still used to support homeless charities. 

Don't forget to tick the box to add Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer. Click here to find out more about Gift Aid.

8. Corporate support
Ask your co-workers for support and tell them about your event. Share your fundraising page with them. It is also useful to contact local businesses or companies that you have a relationship to ask them for support.

For more information about The Fine & Country Foundation or to tell us about a fundraiser you would like to do, contact or call +44(0)20 3368 8221.

8th Apr 2018

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