Tackling the Elements for a Good Cause

Tackling the Elements for a Good Cause

From wading through mud to wading into the English Channel, our UK network has been taking on inspiring challenges recently to raise vital funds for The Fine & Country Foundation. 


On Sunday 18th June 2023 Harry Middleton, partner at Fine & Country Chiswick embarked on a tremendous undertaking of swimming across the English Channel, with the aim of raising substantial funds for two charitable organisations close to his heart: Make-A-Wish and The Fine & Country Foundation.


An avid endurance athlete with a history in competitive swimming, Middleton completed the dangerous solo crossing in 12 hours 46 minutes whilst being followed by a boat and spurred on by his training partner and coach Brad Harvey, along with his dad Stewart Middleton, who is yet to miss a swimming event in support of his son. More people have climbed Mount Everest than swam the English Channel, which speaks to the sheer difficulty of this incredible feat.


Raising almost £3,000 so far through this awe-inspiring feat, Harry hopes to generate awareness and inspire generosity among individuals and businesses across the nation. Commenting on this remarkable endeavour he said: "The 18th June 2023 will be a day I will never forget. After swimming for over 12 hours through the fog and rain and swimming from England to France across the English Channel in highly unfavourable conditions. The training and the work leading up to the event was vital, facing challenges I could not have planned for and knowing I have done the work made me confident that even through the struggle, I was going to make it! I want to thank everyone for their support and their donations to two fantastic charities, I am deeply moved by the tremendous work done by both Make-A-Wish and The Fine & Country Foundation. Their impact on the lives of children and families is immeasurable.”


Middleton's remarkable journey across the English Channel is a testament to the power of determination, altruism, and the impact that individuals can make when they strive to create positive change. Taking on a challenge such as this is an inspiration to the community and an invitation for everyone to participate in making dreams come true and building a brighter future for those in need.


Inspired and encouraged by Harry’s fantastic achievement, a week later associates from the Fine & Country network came together, on 25th June, to partake in the East Midlands Tough Mudder event, all in the name of The Fine & Country Foundation.


Raising over £600 so far, the team consisted of 17 people with the teamwork-inspired 5km course containing 13 obstacles with daunting names such as Kiss of Mud, Mudderhorn and Electroshock Therapy. Participants included both support staff and associates, with Graham Howell, Amy Sharpe, Wes Barnard, Nick Martin, Anna Lisa Wallace-Mathew, Lee Armstrong, Nicki Armstrong, Bert Rogers, Matt Strafford, Alex Strafford, Marie Fritz, Ben Fritz, Steve Heir, Alex Bittles, Daniel White, Nick Kendrick and Jayson Maver all partaking this year.



Team Captain, Graham Howell, Fine & Country, associate in Coventry and surrounding areas, said: ““What a fantastic day with colleagues at Fine & Country and our friends from Dream Home Films creating memories that will last a lifetime. We all displayed remarkable teamwork and great friendships have been formed. More importantly, all in the name of charity and exceeding our target by 120% achieved and indulging in a carvery afterwards to regain our energy levels! The highlight of the whole event had to be Lee Armstrong losing his wedding ring! Thankfully with the help of good samaritans with metal detectors and coverage by the BBC, Lee was reunited with his wedding ring on the following Tuesday. We are very much looking forward to competing again next year and raising even more funds for The Foundation.”


Lee Armstrong, Director at Fine & Country Midlands, commented: “What an amazing event and the teamwork and camaraderie was an essential part of getting through such a tough course. Some of the obstacles were simply horrible but we all took them on and collectively we literally pulled every member of the team through the mud, water, ice and electrodes to get over the finish line. Would I like to do on my own? Never. Would I like to do with this team again? Anytime! The bonus is of course a great result for The Foundation… and the total is still growing!”


As of June 2023, the running total raised by The Foundation since its inception has reached over £850,000 – an incredible milestone that we will strive to increase over the course of this year. Thank you for the astounding generosity made by the Fine & Country network and the public for making the Grant Programme and all our other charitable efforts possible. You too could join us in supporting charities all over the world - make a donation to The Fine & Country Foundation today.

6th Jul 2023

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