Row, row, row your boat: Cambridge Dragon Boat Race

Row, row, row your boat: Cambridge Dragon Boat Race

It was another fantastic year for the Fine & Country Studio in Cambridge who took part in the Dragon Boat Race competition on Saturday 9th September. Gable Events hosted the annual festival and entertainment for the 13th year running.

Our team turned up in their usual flamboyant and quirky fashion, dressed as ‘Where’s Wally’ and so their team was the 10 Wet Wallies. Following the theme of the puzzle books, their incredible costumes were brought to life as they hid around the numerous entertainment stalls and areas. 

As the Wallies made their way to the River Cam at Fen Ditton, the clouds started to grumble. The team was lucky to avoid the rain for most of the day, but then the heavens opened. The heavy downpour did not affect their high spirits, as this pep talk shows.

The team consisted of, Marcus Whewell, Elizabeth Hyde, Sue Garner-Stevens, Sue Painter, Justyn Medd, Mitchell Ding, Lucy Dunkley, Amber Ding, Rachel Kittow and Peter Lindley. 

They were kept in time by the drummer, Sue Painter, who was positioned at the end of the boat on a particularly unstable seat. The Wallies gave it all they had and came a respectable 37th out of 43. Members from Fine & Country Cambridge and the Design Studio have taken part in the boat race for the past four years. They have seen a surge in enthusiasm and are planning on taking part next year, hopefully with two crews.

Elizabeth Hyde, Design Team Leader at GPEA Ltd said, “It was a great day as always and we had a brilliant time deciding which costumes to wear this year. We are already thinking about ideas for next year! We have decided to put the donations towards building a house in Nepal for the Fine & Country Foundation’s ongoing international project.”

To learn more about our project to rebuild the village of Thangpalkot1 in Nepal please click here or contact us at or call +44(0)20 3368 8221. 

26th Sep 2017

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