Over £47,000 Granted to 23 charities this Autumn

Over £47,000 Granted to 23 charities this Autumn

The Fine & Country Foundation is pleased to announce the 23 charities which will be allocated funding across 24 projects in its most recent round of grants in 2023, totalling £47,220.


The Foundation's Grant Programme is dedicated to offering financial assistance to non-profit organisations, focusing specifically on supporting charities in the UK and abroad in the ongoing battle against homelessness and poverty. Grants are distributed biannually, in Spring and Autumn, with Fine & Country offices worldwide encouraged to submit applications, nominating a charity for a donation of up to £3,000. The Foundation board carefully reviews these proposals, and successful projects are awarded grants. This funding will provide crucial support to these charities, enabling them to sustain their vital community work.


In a time marked by rising inflation and increased living costs, charities dependent on donations have faced significant challenges. The grants from The Foundation play a crucial role in supporting these organisations, particularly as they contend with heightened demands during the festive season and colder months.


Jon Cooke, Trustee of the Fine & Country Foundation, expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts within the Fine & Country network over the past year, resulting in funds that will positively impact lives globally. “The Foundation's ability to support numerous charities and non-profit organisations is attributed to the network's fundraising endeavours and generous donations received. These grants are a lifeline for organisations heavily reliant on funding, especially during the challenging period leading up to Christmas,” he comments.


Cooke emphasised that The Foundation has provided the Fine & Country network with a meaningful platform to give back, positively affecting countless lives. With the network's ongoing support, the Fine & Country Foundation has already contributed over £900,000 to worthy causes globally since its inception in 2014. Looking ahead, the Foundation aims to build on this success, with the ambitious goal of reaching £1,000,000 in donations to organisations in need by 2024, marking the 10th Anniversary of The Foundation.


The Foundation welcomes continued support from the public to sustain its mission of providing vital funding to charities in need. For more information about The Fine & Country Foundation or to nominate a local charity for assistance, individuals are encouraged to contact their local Fine & Country office or donate to The Foundation here.


Below is a list of the charities that received a grant during the Autumn Programme:


Emmaus Coventry and Warwickshire

Nominated by Fine & Country Coventry

A charity which homes 17 formerly-homeless people within the community, their grant will fund improvements to one of their three kitchens, giving independence as well as facilities to their clients.


The Four Streets Project 

Nominated by Fine & Country Chichester

The Four Streets Project has been helping and supporting the homeless of Chichester every single night for the last three years. They exist to provide any available support to any person who is sleeping on the streets of Chichester or those known to be vulnerably housed. Their collective purpose is to provide support such as food, drink, sleeping bags, clothing and referral to agencies to people sleeping out on the streets of Chichester, a cause that will be vitally supported by our donation, provided to the organisation.


Nuneaton Foodbank

Nominated by Fine & Country Coventry

Nuneaton Foodbank don’t think anyone in their community should have to face going hungry. That’s why they provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to them in crisis. They are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.



Nominated by Fine & Country Uckfield

SleepPod is a simple, effective, emergency shelter that the team are working towards being made available to outreach teams and charities for them to give out to rough sleepers and refugees that haven’t managed to access existing services. Every £30 raised equals 1 Pod built, so we hope to see this donation go towards up to 100 new shelters being built and distributed.


The Amber Foundation 

Nominated by Fine & Country Dorking and Cranleigh

The Amber Foundation in Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in transforming their own lives by helping them move out of homelessness and unemployment into bright secure futures. Our grant will be able to assist them in offering their ongoing support through teaching practical life skills, providing creative projects involving art, crafts, music, film and drama and assisting people out of employment in getting back into work.


New Beginnings Reading

Nominated by Fine & Country Reading

New Beginnings Reading’s aims are the prevention and relief of poverty and financial hardship of persons in Reading and the Greater Berkshire area who are in need due to social or economic reasons, regardless of their religion or belief.


Cambridge Women’s Aid

Nominated by Fine & Country Head Office

Cambridge Women’s Aid provide safe accommodation and practical support for women and children who are escaping domestic abuse. Their grant will fund robust, easy to clean flooring, decoration and new furniture for their clients’ accommodation.


The 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless

Nominated by Fine & Country St Neots

The 3 Pillars Feeding the Homeless is a Freemans based charity that works with members of the public and local business to feed and support the homeless and most vulnerable in St Neots, Huntingdon, and Peterborough.


HCT (Helping Caring Team)

Nominated by Fine & Country Chepstow

Set up in February 2019, HCT is a grassroots organisation which aims of improve the lives of vulnerable and homeless people of Newport and South East Wales, by providing an outreach support service at the point of need in a sustainable way.


The Forge Project

Nominated by Fine & Country Northern Lincolnshire

The Forge Project provide support through their day care centre to their community in the form of mental health advice, housing support and essential supplies such as food and sleeping bags.


Freedom Community Alliance

Nominated by Fine & Country Barnstaple

Freedom Community Alliance operate an open access day centre and supported housing accommodation in Barnstaple as well as a Therapeutic Community to address drug and alcohol addiction near Lynton. Their grant will go towards providing hot meals, temporary accommodation and vital support for those in need in these areas.


St. Petrock’s

Nominated by Fine & Country Exeter

St Petrock’s provide a safe, familiar environment for their clients. Their centre is the only place in Exeter where rough sleepers can access a hot shower and laundry facilities. Their grant will go towards providing sustainably packaged outreach meals to those in need in Exeter.


Off the Fence Trust

Nominated by Fine & Country Brighton and Hove

For over 20 years, Off The Fence’s vision has been to see an end to social and spiritual poverty in Brighton and Hove. In 1997, Off The Fence became an official registered charity. Since then poverty has increased nationwide and Brighton is no exception. Off The Fence has grown alongside those who need us, helping them back to fulfilling and independent lives. We now operate across three main areas: homelessness, women at risk and schools and youth.


Harrogate Homeless Project Ltd  

Nominated by Fine & Country Wetherby

The vision of this project is to make sure nobody in the Harrogate District has to sleep rough and that those experiencing homelessness have all the support they need to move towards independent living.


Crisis Skylight North East

Nominated by Fine & Country Newcastle and Northumberland

Working directly with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in the North East, Crisis Skylight provide practical one-to-one support to help people access benefits, healthcare services, employment opportunities, and more. Their main aim is to relieve the huge pressure of homelessness, by helping people find safe and affordable homes as quickly as possible. 


Renewed Hope Trust

Nominated by Fine & Country Reigate and East Grinstead

This charity based in Redhill provides practical solutions and emotional support to the homeless, vulnerable and isolated of East Surrey. They seek to see all who come to them given a new hope and the opportunity to build a new life.


Helping Hands Community Project

Nominated by Fine & Country Leamington Spa

Helping Hands extends a compassionate hand to those affected by the causes and effects of homelessness; such as vulnerability in housing, domestic abuse, addiction, isolation, mental health challenges, and poverty.


Pass it On

Nominated by Fine & Country Droitwich Spa

Pass It On supports homeless and vulnerable people in the UK, providing immediate support to those in need. Working in partnership with other UK charities, local organisations, corporate partners and our own network of volunteers, we deliver warm clothing, essential items and hot food to vulnerable people living on the streets.


Robes Project

Nominated by Fine & Country South Essex

The Robes Project is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that has been serving those experiencing homelessness in Southwark and Lambeth since 2007. The aim of Robes is to relieve poverty among people who are experiencing homelessness in the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth by the provision of winter night shelters, food, advice, support, and re-settlement services to help them rebuild their lives.


Daylight Centre Fellowship

Nominated by Fine & Country Northampton

The Daylight Centre Fellowship was established in 1994, registered in 2003 and ever since we have  assisted disadvantaged and vulnerable adults particularly rough sleepers, vulnerably housed, those in poverty and those who are socially isolated. As such, we are at the very forefront of social action within Wellingborough and the surrounding areas.



Nominated by Fine & Country Central and North Dorset

Faithworks work alongside people in crisis, practically building hope and resilience, through projects around food, finance, recovery, homelessness and lone parenting.


Sutton Night Watch Homeless

Nominated by Fine & Country Cheam

Sutton Night Watch was set up to support and raise awareness for the homeless people within the London Borough of Sutton and surrounding areas. Over the past 7 years, with the support of local business, the community and fundraising efforts, they provide the essentials such as food, showers and clothing supplies, and a range of health services, benefit advice, wellbeing and educational based courses, clothes, washing facilities.


The Hope Centre

Nominated by Fine & Country Northampton

Northampton Hope tackles hardship and exclusion. Their work helps people experiencing problems of disadvantage and marginalisation, including hardship, homelessness, addiction and mental health. As well as giving practical support, they focus on helping people to help themselves.


Thank you for your continued support, remember you can donate to The Foundation here.

23rd Nov 2023

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