Ongoing support for Hope4

Ongoing support for Hope4

Here we look at the valuable work carried out by Hope4 which receives monthly donations from Fine & Country Rugby and support through fundraisers including: Christmas Lights Switch On 2016 and a sleep out. We believe that knowing where your donations go and the great work that is achieved is just as important as giving a donation.

On Sunday 19th November the latest fundraiser for Hope4 will be taking place, the Christmas Lights Switch On, featuring special guest, Pixie Lott.

Fine & Country offices support local, national and international homeless charities both in the UK and internationally. Hope4 was chosen by Fine & Country Rugby.

About Hope4
Hope4 is a small, local homeless charity in Rugby which provides support, safety and basic provisions for its visitors. The town has hostels and B&Bs that are used by the council as temporary shelters, but Hope4 the only homeless charity in Rugby to help homeless people rebuild their lives and get off the streets.

The centre opened 10 years ago as a soup kitchen. Through the help and support from the council, residents and local businesses, Hope4 was able to expand and develop into a bustling centre.

Their services include a full kitchen run by volunteers, laundry facilities and showers. Their guests do not have to worry about hygiene, clean clothes and hot meals. This helps their visitors to prepare for job interviews and meetings at the Job Centre. The computers at the centre encourage people to use emails and apply for jobs. 

Our visit
Charlotte Schofield, Foundation and PR Coordinator said: “I had the privilege of visiting Hope4 to learn more about the work that they do and to meet the people that we are supporting. It was an incredible atmosphere which began as the staff and volunteers entered the building at 10am. They are all happy and very welcoming.

“At 11am the doors opened as their visitors came strolling in. It was clear that they all felt comfortable at Hope4 and knew what they were doing. Some people went to the laundry area, either to put on a wash or collect their items from the previous day. Others went onto the computers to apply for work or learn new IT skills.

One man had just come in from work. He made a cup of tea, ate a biscuit and spent a short time watching television. He said to me “It’s the little things” and chuckled.

“I couldn’t have agreed more with this man. Hope4 provides ‘the little things’ to homeless people in Rugby, and the big things, too. In the short term, homeless people have a safe place to spend their daytime and be productive, while in the long term they can learn new skills and find work.”

The Winter Shelter 
The Winter Shelter runs for five months a year, from November to March. Seven churches take one night a week to host homeless people and provide breakfast. The people of Rugby are assured that they will not have to face the bitter British winter alone. 
The Winter Shelter has 250 volunteers, three part-time case workers and one part-time Centre Coordinator. Some of the case workers have medical training, but their primary function is to help visitors work towards jobs and careers, creating confidence and independence. 
A network of support
Hope4 has a strong relationship with the police, who are next door to the centre, the Salvation Army and Rugby Borough Council. Hope4 works from referrals, collaborates with the Benn Partnership Centre, which offers adult education classes, including computer skills.
Hope4 has an open network. Those who visit to the centre feel comfortable to speak about their personal stories. They speak both to fellow guests, and their assigned case worker to take important steps to the road to recovery. 
What is next for Hope4?
Hope4 is looking into providing half-way housing in the next ten years. This will be vital to many homeless people to ease them back into society. Half-way housing will be especially important to those who have been living on the streets. 
There will be multiple independent flats in the same building, with a communal area for all residents. The residents will be given training on skills which many of us take for granted, such as cooking and maintenance. A warden on-hand to be a point of contact.
Donations breakdown
Georgina Newton, Trustee of Hope4 explains how the £500 monthly donation is put to good use. “Knowing that a large proportion of our mortgage is paid each month by Fine & Country is a huge relief,” says Georgina. “This means that we can focus more on new projects, expansion and improving our Winter Shelter.”
Fancy some Christmas cheer to support Hope4?
On Sunday 19th November, Fine & Country Rugby will have a stall at the Rugby Christmas Lights Switch On. They will be selling drinks and nibbles and there will be raffle prizes and games. Please take a look at all the information here
Would you like to support Hope4? Please click here to find out how to donate. Simply mention Hope4 in the reference and we will provide updates like this one so you can directly see the positive effects that you are having on the Rugby community.
For more information about charities that we support or how to receive support, please contact us at or call us on +44(0)20 3368 8221.
13th Nov 2017

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