Grant Programme Donates £40,000 in Autumn 2019

Grant Programme Donates £40,000 in Autumn 2019

Thanks to the generosity of our network and the public, we have donated £40,000 in the autumn 2019 grant programme.

Find out which projects you have spported below:


1. Brighton YMCA

Working to provide the skills and support needed by Brighton’s homeless, for them to go on to live independent and fulfilling lives. Their £1,397.97 grant will enable them to continue to work within wellbeing and further their creative approach to work and learning.


2. Caritas Anchor House

Located in the London Borough of Newham, Caritas Anchor House is a residential centre for those affected by homelessness, substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health. Their £3,000 grant will go towards the refurbishment of their communal lounge space, in particular, the addition of a laundry facility. This will be an invaluable amenity for the 140 people who pass through their doors every day.


3. Hope For Food

With an aim to preserve the dignity of those they help, and honour everyone with the same respect, Hope 4 Food provide fresh food from their own soup kitchens, as well as good quality clothing and bedding to those in need. Their £2,898 grant will provide rough sleepers in Bournemouth with a waterproof poncho and trousers, to keep them and their belongings dry.


4. Its All About The Children

This is a home in Spain to 46 disadvantaged children who have come from broken homes. They rely solely on donations to feed and clothe the children, as well as pay the staff who run the facility. Their £3,400 grant will ensure that every child has enough fruit, vegetable and milk in their diet to keep them well-nourished.


5. Justlife Foundation

Justlife’s mission is to work with people who are close to the streets and prevent them from ending up there. Assisting those in temporary accommodation, ensuring their experience is safe, healthy and supported. Their £3,000 grant will fund the distribution of ‘Fresh Start Move-in Packs’ to those in unsupported, temporary accommodation, giving them basic kitchen supplies, bedding and personal hygiene items.


6. Leslie's Care Packages

Providing access to assistance, provisions and support to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to help them develop longer-term solutions to the challenges they face. Their £3,000 grant will provide food, toiletries, sleeping bags and underwear to many of those in need.


7. Midland Langar Seva Society

After an initial grant in March 2019, which kick-started their ‘Friday Feeds’ feeding 150 homeless and less fortunate, Midland Langar Seva Society are now receiving a second grant of £1,000. This will enable them to expand this service to Tuesdays, in addition to the existing three days.


8. Northampton Hope Centre

Hope is a progressive, anti-poverty charity working to ensure their clients’ needs are catered for holistically. They work with a number of organisations to provide on-site healthcare to the 150+ people they see every day. Their £3,000 grant will add a mobile dental unit to this roster, providing valuable treatment and advice.


9. Oasis

Providing supported accommodation and affordable housing to young people facing homelessness. The Foyer, located in Croydon is a project which provides accommodation as well as life skills to its occupants. Their £3,000 grant will fund the refurbishment of the kitchen, enabling the residents to cook together and take part in cooking workshops in a safe, welcoming environment.


10. Swansea Foodbank

Swansea Foodbank provide 3 days’ nutritionally balanced, emergency food to those referred to them in crisis. Their £2,970 grant will go towards reimbursing the bus fares of their volunteers - some of whom have used the foodbank themselves - as well as replenishing the food and toiletry items which often run low.


11. Amber Foundation

With centres in Devon, Wiltshire and Surrey, Amber focuses on four key elements; employability, health and wellbeing, independent living and personal development. Their £3,000 grant will significantly contribute towards the refurbishment of their residential centre in Surrey - providing new beds and mattresses for their residents.


12. Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter is a converted double decker bus with beds and a cosy social area for up to 16 homeless guests. They currently rely on dry food donations, however their £2,830 grant will allow them to supply fresh, nutritious meals twice a week and simultaneously reduce reduce food waste.


13. The Forge Project

Providing a safe place, alongside support in emotional and physical wellbeing, The Forge Project gives its clients the opportunity for change. Their £3,000 grant will provide basic necessities for the 62 people who visit them every day, including underwear, sleeping matts and hot meals.


14. Tracy's Street Kitchen

Over the last three years, their van has been on the streets of Trinity Square every Friday night, serving hot meals, fresh fruit, sandwiches and drinks to homeless community of Nottingham. Their £1,500 grant will allow them to continue running this project, as well as provide a 2-course dinner on Christmas Day to those who aren’t spending it with family.


15. Turning Tides

A community led organisation operating across West Sussex, Turning Tides has been supporting those who are homeless or in insecure housing since 1991. Their £3,000 grant will buy a washing machine and dryer for their St, Clare’s Community Hub, giving clients the dignity and independence of doing their own laundry.


As the year - and decade - came to an end, the Fine and Country Foundation donated to another 15 well-deserving charities in both the UK and Spain. The invaluable contributions made to these organisations would not be possible without your generosity.

The total raised by the Fine and Country Foundation so far, is currently on the cusp of £500,000. Our agents host a range of events throughout the year, so please join us at one. Similarly, you can request a bespoke fundraiser to suit your interests and schedule. We provide free promotion and event organisation to help your event be the best for homelessness. 

For more information about the charities we support, future grant programmes or our fundraising, please contact or call +44 (0)20 3368 8221.











29th Jan 2020

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