Fine & Country Agents Display Unwavering Commitment to the Foundation

Fine & Country Agents Display Unwavering Commitment to the Foundation

On Friday 10th March 2023, Fine & Country held its Annual International Conference, welcoming agents from around the globe to gather at an impressive venue in London. The event saw many agencies and individuals praised for their contributions to the network, with The Foundation proudly presenting an award for Outstanding Contribution to a very worthy office.


Fine & Country Rugby were presented with the charitable accolade after an incredible year of philanthropy in 2022. Fine & Country Midlands, consisting of several agencies in the region, contributed a staggering total amassing to almost £40,000 in 2022 – a feat accomplished through donating £100 per completion to The Foundation, plus additional vendor contributions. The team also took part in a Tough Mudder race, with their fundraising contributing a further £1,000. Of this collection of offices, Fine & Country Rugby were the highest contributor, donating £6,500 over the course of the past year and thus, the team walked away with the trophy.


The deserved runners up for The Foundation award were Fine & Country Olney, after director, Haydn van Weenen, organised and hosted a charity tennis tournament with the aim of raising money for the Ukraine Appeal. Over £2,000 was raised and the event was a fantastic success involving many businesses within Haydn’s local community. Second runner up was Fine & Country North Suffolk, who continue to honour their pledge of £50 per completion across all locations for The Foundation and also support their local charity, The Benjamin Foundation.


Bel Burnell-Molyneux presents to the room on the Foundation's achievements

During the event Bel Burnell Molyneux gave a thought-provoking presentation to the 300-plus strong room on the impact The Foundation’s donations have had within homeless charities in 2022 and the importance of the network’s continued support over the coming 12 months and beyond. There was also a silent auction held in honour of The Foundation, with a total of over £8,878 raised on the night in generous donations, covering everything from new ovens, towels, bedding and food packages.


The Foundation has raised over £800,000 since its inception in 2014. To make a donation to The Fine & Country Foundation, click here.

13th Mar 2023

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