6 Training Tips for a 10k Run

6 Training Tips for a 10k Run

If a marathon is too much, but you want to do something for charity then maybe a 10k run is the event for you!

We spoke to some of the Road Runners; the Fine & Country Foundation’s 10k run team for Housing for Women’s Estate Agent 10k run. Here is what some of them had to say…

Tip 1 Maintain the mindset

It is useful to get a running club going with either one person or a group of you to keep you motivated and training regularly. Try to avoid going home before training as this is where the vast majority of people lose motivation to run. Most people find somewhere close to work is best.

Tip 2 Stretch!

Spend a few minutes before and after each run pulling strange faces as you try to touch your toes or lunging across the park for your quads. The next day you will be you pleasantly as you realise you can walk up and down stairs without a struggle. This will make training substantially more enjoyable!

Tip 3 Make targets

Most people will not be able to smash out a 10k run without preparation. So, it is important to work up to it. Choose a distance, for example 4k, and aim to reach it without walking. Every third run increase the distance until to reach 10k. If you can, increasing it to 11k or 12k so that on race day 10k will be a breeze.

Tip 4 The right kit

Be sensible, go running in proper running shoes. If you are training outside gage the weather, but remember that you will get hot so thin and light layers are key. Heat exhaustion is just as much of a nightmare as the common cold.

Tip 5 Food

Need an excuse to carb-load? Well here it is! 

The night before the race have plenty of carbs, drink water and get a good night’s sleep. On the morning of the race make sure you have a good breakfast; banana and eggs are a sensible choice.

Tip 6 Enjoy it!

If you are running for a cause, like homelessness *hint*, then try to think of all the good your run will do for the community you are helping. It is incredibly rewarding to see the impact your simple 10k run can have, and before you know it you will want to sign up to another!

The Road Runners

This is the Fine & Country Foundation's 10k run team who are taking part in the Housing for Women's Estate Agent 10k Run. Support them here.

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5th May 2017

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