10 Best Charity Bike Rides

10 Best Charity Bike Rides

Inspired by the Bury St Edmund’s team, we have 10 bike rides from all over the world, ranging in intensity and terrain. Whether you are new to cycling or have competed in the Tour De France, this article will have something for you.

Do you want to take part in any of these races? Contact us and we can register you in an organised event or help you create your own. 

10. Edinburgh Night Ride
Intensity: beginners
Distance: 50 miles
Duration: 1 night
Beginning at sunset, this ride takes you along the coast and through some of Scotland’s Georgian streets and stunning castles. If you are yet to try a cycle race, this is the perfect event to start with. More information on the Edinburgh Night Ride here. 

9. London to Brighton
Intensity: beginners
Distance: 54 miles
Duration: 1 day
Even though this ride is suitable for beginners, training is advised. The Ditchling Beacon is the highest climb in East Sussex and has featured in professional races, including the Tour De France in 1994.

8. Coast to Coast Whitehaven to Tynemouth 
Intensity: challenging
Distance: 136 miles
Duration: 3 days for challengers, 2 days for experts
This route conquers some of the steepest climbs and descents in the Lade District and enables you to see some of Britain’s most sublime views. The route involves road and trail sections to add to the variety of the adventure. 

7. Dover to Paris
Intensity: demanding
Distance: 256 miles
Duration: 4 days, with an extra day to recuperate in Paris
Cycling 50-70 miles a day, this race is both challenging and rewarding. Passing through the historic sites of World War II battlefields onto traditional and remote villages. Finishing beneath the arches of the most iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, this is one race that is difficult to shy away from.

6. London to Amsterdam
Intensity: challenging
Distance: 137 miles
Duration: 2 days, with a further day for recuperation in Amsterdam
Beginning in Stratford this cycle ride takes you through some of London’s most famous sites, including the Olympic Park used in the 2012 games. Day 1 is reasonably flat as you move northeast through Colchester until the ferry port at Harwich. Day 2 starts at the Hook of Holland moves along the flat coastal line of The Hague and until you reach the cycling capital of Europe. 

5. Tour De Force
Intensity: beginner or challenging
Distance: 2,100 miles
Duration: 2, 7 or 10 days
Not everyone can be as good as Mark Cavendish, but fret not. Race the Tour de France route a week before the professionals on one of the nine Tour Tasters available. Unlike the Tour de France, there are no cut-off times or minimum speeds to reach so you can enjoy your race and imagine that it is the real thing.

4. Brussels to Amsterdam
Intensity: Tough
Distance: 157 miles
Duration: 2 days
This region of Europe is famous for its love of cycling so it is the perfect place to embrace a challenge for charity. From beautiful countryside to cobbled streets, this race is both testing and serene.

3. Lusaka to Victoria Fall
Intensity: Tough
Distance: 298 miles
Duration: 3 days
Tree-lined towns, exotic wildlife and spectacular scenery perfectly describes this mountain bike adventure. This route combines tarred roads with dirt-tracks as you wind your way through Zambia until you reach one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls. 

2. Revolve24
Intensity: Extreme
Distance: N/A
Duration: 24 hours, 12 hours or 6 hours
This solo or team challenge is unlike any other, with endurance being the key to this event. Held on Grand Prix race circuits across the world, including Kent and Australia, the key to this event is not just physical strength, but mental stamina. Find out more at Revolve24.

1. Race Across America (RAAM)
Intensity: Extreme
Distance: 3,000 miles
Duration: team races have a maximum of 9 days for Challengers, 7 and a half days for Experts. Solo racers have 12 days
This race covers 12 states and climbs 175,000 feet. Despite appearances, this race is open to amateurs as well as professionals. The clock keeps going once the race has begun, so many of the professional cyclists will average only two hours of sleep per night. For more information click here.

Get inspired! Do something incredible for a cause which effects more than 100 million people across the world; homelessness. Contact us here or call +44(0)20 3368 8221 to find out more.

30th Jun 2017

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