May 2018 trek: Trailblazers in Nepal

May 2018 trek: Trailblazers in Nepal

Our May trek in Nepal was our most exciting and unique event to date.

No one had ever walked from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, to the remote hillside village we are rebuilding called Thangpalkot1 until this trek. The views were stunning as the group stepped off the beaten path and onto barely trodden mountain paths. 

The bespoke trek was led by professional guides, Sherpas and porters. It took three days, each presenting new challenges, terrain and treats.

Day 1 – Kathmandu to Chispani
The group completed the first day in seven and a half hours. The route took the trekkers into Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park where they walked over tree-covered steps, flowing dams and past flattened, earthquake-effected villages. 

Walking through forests in the National Park.

Arriving at our tea room for the night (blue building), opposite a semi-collapsed five storey building, destroyed by the April 2015 earthquake.

Day 2 – Chisapani to Melamchi
This was by far the longest and hottest day of the trek. The group walked for 11 hours in 30 degree Celsius heat, resulting in a few burnt noses by dinner time. Much of the day was spent following the Melamchi River over valleys and across suspension bridges.

High spirits at snack time.

Inventive ways of keeping cool and fun on suspension bridges.

Day 3 – Melamchi to Thangpalkot1
On the final day of the trek, the group walked along dusty Nepalese roads and stopped off for a refreshing swim in the Melamchi River before their final ascent to Thangpalkot1. This was a shorter day, but the intensity of the steep gradients tested the team’s fitness. Knowing that they were about to enter the village gave our trekkers the boost of energy they needed to complete their journey just before the monsoons began.

A refreshing moment of downhill before three hours of uphill climbing to reach the village.

Specs of trekkers climbing up the mountain and happy trekker, Charlotte Schofield from Head Office who reached the village just before the first monsoon.

Every detail was meticulously planned to cover all eventualities and ensure the group’s safety. Jeeps were arranged for trekkers who were unable to walk due to injury or illness. 

We would like to give a special thank you to Paul Campbell from Campbells Foundation in Nepal, partner of The Fine & Country Foundation, and his team for their all hard work and time to organise and manage the expedition.

What’s next?
In October, we will return to Thangpalkot1 to see the last of the village houses being built. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime and watch as you help a family’s lives change for generations. Each £1,800 funds the materials to build one house, and there are only a few left to build. 

We are in the process of organising the latest Fine & Country Foundation expedition. To register your interest, please email or call 020 3368 8221. 

11th Jun 2018

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